Resources I used to Ace the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam

  1. Learning

The time I took for the entire process is 20 days. No knowledge on cloud ever before. I have used for the preparatory course to gain the knowledge >>> [NEW] Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner — 2021 by stephane Maarek. This is a bestseller with excellent reviews and many people made fortune out of this one for their CLF-C01 exam.

I have studied 2 to 3 solid hours a day, along with hands-on by following the instructor by using the free tier AWS account. You will understand concepts better and also remember things way better if you can perform hands-on. Just following the instructor will be enough for that. Also, since this a foundational exam it just includes overall understanding of AWS cloud and their services. It should be pretty easy to understand even without any prior knowledge or experience. Active recall and Practice Testing played a very big role in my quick grasp over the topics. There are around 40–50 AWS services as a part of the syllabus. So, if you don’t really understand we may get confused. So, take it slow, understand, hands-on practice and repeat.

View my certified badge from AWS below:

2. Practice testing ?

This part is no less than learning the concepts itself. Our brains need to process the information correctly and we need to check our knowledge gained so far. I have taken 12 practice tests in total and below are my scorecards for the tests in the order I gave. I have given links to all the tests below. One test is embedded in the learning course itself. But the rest 11 are split into 2 courses(5 + 6). Links: set-1 set-2

To be honest, why to take 12 tests? Obviously I don’t want to fail the exam after paying 120 USD which is huge in INR. I wanted to confirm that I acquired enough knowledge to ACE the exam, so even if something goes terribly wrong I will just pass. Keep in mind that you need minimum of 70% score i.e 700/1000 to pass the exam and receive the certificate from AWS. Nonetheless, I happily passed with a score of 971/1000, thanks to my practicing strategy.The only important thing is whenever I failed on a question in tests I went over the AWS docs and reviewed the concept thoroughly so I improve my understanding for the next time.

Last but not least, I have not used any white papers of AWS because I was convinced that deep knowledge is not required for this foundational level certificate. But, I encourage you to checkout them if you need much deeper knowledge and higher score. Thanks for reading. Follow me for more significant updates on my Cloud, multi Cloud and hybrid cloud achievements and my preparation strategies and tips. Share this with somebody interested in AWS cloud so they could be successful too.

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